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‘Sordid Soiree’ plays at 14th Street Playhouse

Leslie Jordan and Del Shores have collaborated countless times over the years, but ironically they’ve never shared a stage in the ATL. That changes when the duo – both gay – appear together on Nov. 23 as part of “A Sordid Soiree,” benefiting AID Atlanta. 

Then, on Sunday, Nov. 24, enjoy more stories with the duo at Lips Atlanta during its Gospel Brunch at 12:30 p.m. 

The Emmy Award winning actor (“Will and Grace”) met the playwright/director well over two decades ago, when Jordan came in to audition for Shores’ play “Cheating.” Shores remembers that the actor cracked him up at a line reading and they’ve been professional and personal colleagues since. The dynamics have changed over time, though – when they met Shores was engaged to a woman (Jordan would be his best man at the wedding) but later came out.