5 LGBT things you need to know today, Jan. 23

1. The baker of Donald Trump's inauguration cake got a lot of flak over the weekend for replicating Duff Goldman's 2013 cake for the Obamas. But she's also not taking any profit: all proceeds the Trump team pai...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, Jan. 19

1. Caitlyn Jenner confirmed with People magazine that she will attend tomorrow's inauguration of Donald Trump. Contrary to reports, he didn't invite her. She is going as a guest of American Unity Fund. 2. Sh...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, Jan. 18

1. Betsy DeVos, Trump's pick for education secretary, gets called out by a Minnesota senator for supporting organization that promote or support conversion therapy at her confirmation hearing. 2. Speaking of...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, Jan. 17

1. Shiloh Quine, a transgender inmate in California, is recovering from her gender reassignment surgery. The surgery was funded by the state as part of its renewed focus on ensuring inmates get adequate healthc...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, Jan. 16

1. There's a new dating app for the LGBT community. It's called Winkd, and it works by allowing users to virtually "wink" at others who are in the same location. 2. California drag king Jean Genie must drive...
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If not Obama, Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce, then who?

Barack Obama inauguration

Ya know, Barack Obama must have had some serious decisions to make about who would perform at his second inauguration.

Using only the finest in Internet truth (Wikipedia, duh), it seems that Obama had his pick of the litter.

Here's the deal: Aretha Franklin sang "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" at Obama's first inaugural shindig. This time around, James Taylor sang "America the Beautiful," Kelly Clarkson did "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" and Beyoncé slayed them all with what's now commonly known as the second greatest national anthem ever sung (RIP, Whitney!).

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Atlanta members ready to march with Lesbian & Gay Band Association in inaugural parade


There's nothing like marching bands to celebrate a presidential inauguration. And nothing makes a parade a celebration like gay and lesbian musicians and color guards marching out and proud to the sound of their own drummers.

President Barack Obama's inauguration is set for Monday with a celebration to include a parade with 28 bands including the Lesbian and Gay Band Association and its seven members from Atlanta. The LGBA is the only LGBT band in the parade.

Marching with the LGBA in Monday's parade are Atlanta Freedom Bands members Eddie Young and Bob Derickson, piccolo; Karen Helbling, trumpet; John Peterson, trombone; Robert Corona, color guard; Danielle Steele, honor guard; and Cliff Norris, sousaphone. Young and Norris are section captains on the artistic leadership team for the weekend.

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[Updated] Ga. pastor pulls out of inauguration ceremonies over past anti-gay sermon


Rev. Louie Giglio, pastor of Atlanta's Passion City Church, will no longer deliver the benediction at President Barack Obama's inauguration after news came out Wednesday the conservative pastor had preached an anti-gay sermon in the past, according to ABC News.

Thinkprogress reported Wednesday that Rev. Giglio in the mid-1990s preached against homosexuality as well as in favor of ex-gay conversion. You can listen to the sermon, titled  “In Search of a Standard – Christian Response to Homosexuality,” here.

During the sermon, Giglio  discusses an Entertainment Tonight episode that discusses a gay marriage on the TV show "Northern Exposure" as well as the famous same-sex kiss on the hit TV show, "Roseanne." Both shows were hits in the 1990s.

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Is direct action making a comeback in gay Georgia?

Atlanta's Queer Justice League protests the National Organization for Marriage's Atlanta rally

It was dubbed “Queerlicious Mouths Unite” and was intended to make a strong statement to Gov. Nathan Deal that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are here and queer, so get used to it.

The plan was for same-sex couples to attend Deal’s inauguration and publicly kiss as the new governor, a Republican, took his oath. But the Jan. 10 protest was canceled as the worst snowstorm to hit Georgia in a decade also canceled many of Deal’s inauguration events.

“The intended message was that we wanted to seriously remind Deal and the general public of the queer community, our seat at the table and that we are Georgians, too,” said Jess Morgan, an organizer of the canceled event with the Queer Justice League, MondoHomo, Savannah’s Queer Power Movement and GetEQUAL.