Eating My Words: French-Indian fusion in Midtown

Despite being a few steps from the BeltLine, at least four restaurants have died at the location of the new Jai Ho (560 Dutch Valley Road, 404-458-6888. If the crowd on a recent Friday ni...

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Sponsors withdraw support from ‘Bedlam Presents’ party over ‘Indian’ theme

Bedlam PartyThe popular Atlanta costume-themed party "Bedlam Presents" stepped into hot water again this month when it attempted to host a "Pocahotass" party on Saturday that numerous people found offensive and took to social networking to get sponsors pulled.

The party, to be held at the Mood Lounge and named "Pocahotass," enraged several people who posted comments to the Facebook page of the party's invite on Tuesday and Wednesday. That page, however, has been deleted, but not before dozens of posts were made by those who opposed the party, stating the party was exploiting an oppressed people. Bedlam Presents supporters argued back that, essentially, the party was not offensive and telling those who did not like the theme to not attend.

The party, founded and hosted by Barry Brandon, who is openly gay, invited people to dress up as "Indians and pilgrims." Those opposing the party said the name of the party was offensive and to dress up as people from an oppressed culture was "racist." The poster (above) for the party, also, was deemed insensitive by those opposing the party.