5 LGBTQ things you need to know today, April 16

1. Late last Friday, a federal judge ruled that the U.S. military's trans ban cannot be implemented. Judge Marsha Pechman, of the Western District of Washington, said that the second version of Trump's March ba...
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[Video] Check out ‘HEbrew’ — the new hookup site for gay Jewish men


Atlantans Julian Modugno and Jamie Hawkins-Gaar are best friends who share a passion for making films. Modugno is gay. Hawkins-Gaar is not (and not that that matters). Modugno's day-job is in the art department for CW's "Vampire Diaries" and Hawkins-Gaar works in the electrical departments of various movies and shows filmed in Atlanta. They both love pushing the limits in their solo projects.

The duo founded Bland Hack Pictures and have been making short films for the internet for several years. Today, they debut their newest film, "HEbrew," that has a very gay theme — a dating app for Jewish men created by the makers of Grindr and J-Date and a funny commercial filled with bad puns (bar mitvah becomes bear mitzvah, for example) to promote it.

"The thing that's great about Bland Hack is that we're composed of one straight white guy and one gay white guy which basically makes us one of the Internet's most diverse comedy groups," Modugno says. 

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Meme of the Week: Red Forman meets the neighbors

For folks my age, “That ‘70s Show” was a staple of television schedules for years. Even now, the show continues to thrive in syndication and still has a sizable fan-base.

"That 70's Show" was full of hilarious moments in its nearly 10 years on the air, including the one below, which is perfectly illustrated by this scene in meme-form.

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Culture club: The year’s biggest LGBT media moments

The year's top media stories

Chaz Bono danced with the stars, Lady Gaga spoke out after a “Little Monster” committed suicide, a gay teen’s video went viral when he defended his two moms to the Iowa legislature, and gay characters went all the way on “Glee.”

LGBT individuals and issues were everywhere in the media this year. Here are some of the biggest moments from social media, television, music, movies and theater.