5 LGBT things you need to know today, Sept. 10

1. On the heels of yesterday's unveiling of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, Queerty has three reasons why Apple CEO Tim Cook should come out. 2. “Even as the SBC ostensibly condemns physical aggression aga...
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Someone steals Sister Louisa’s phone — and there’s a video of it

Grant Henry, the owner and "namesake" of Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium, had his iPhone stolen during Sunday Service last night and is asking the public for help.

Lesbian DJ Vicki Powell (and voted Best DJ by GA Voice readers three years in a row) was holding her popular gay-friendly Sunday Service at Church (what the bar is called by its loyal parishoners, er, patrons) when Henry, who was sitting at a table in the downstairs bar area, had his phone stolen while it was sitting on the table in front of him.

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Atlanta Pride has an app for that, y’all


Are you ready for Atlanta Pride? Well if you're worried about missing a party or event or fundraiser, the Southeast's largest LGBT Pride fest says, "We've got an app for that."

The new Atlanta Pride app was released Sept. 27 on iTunes and gives user a way to quickly find out up-to-the-minute news, what events are coming up, brief descriptions of these events and even a photo gallery and the ability to upload your own photos to share with others, according to the description on iTunes. Atlanta Pride is Oct. 13-14, so there's plenty of time to find out all it can do for you.