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LGBT group issues statement saying it was not seeking ‘leniency’ for Brandon White attackers

The LGBTQ organization Southerners on New Ground, signers of a letter to the judge asking no more jail time be served by the young men who attacked Brandon White, issued a statement July 18 on its website explaining the motivation for doing so.

The letter was given to Fulton Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford before the sentencing hearing held July 12-13. The letter was also read aloud in court. The attack took place in southwest Atlanta on Feb. 4. The assailants can be heard shouting, "No faggots in Jack City" as the three young men pummeled White as he tried to escape.

The three defendants — Christopher Cain, 18; Dorian Moragne, 19; and Darael Williams, 17 — were sentenced to five years in prison and five years probation by Fulton Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford on July 13.

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Third attacker in anti-gay assault to appear in court June 11

Brandon White attacker

Christopher Cain, one of the attackers in the brutal assault of a gay man, will appear Monday, June 11, in Fulton Superior Court to charges related to the assault. He is listed on the plea and arraignment calendar, according to a spokesperson from the Fulton District attorney's office.

Cain, 18, has remained in jail since his arrest Feb. 11 after being denied bond by Judge Jackson Bedford for being a threat to the community and for being on probation for when he was arrested.

Two of the other attackers pleaded guilty on May 29 to being part of a gang as well as the attack of Brandon White, 20, on Feb. 4.

A video of the the assault in the Pittsburgh community of southwwest Atlanta in which the attackers repeatedly called White "faggot" went viral after it was uploaded to a hip hop website.