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Ga. now second in nation for AIDS drug wait list

A gay Atlanta man says he finds himself in a “perfect storm” of a broken economy, a broken health care system and being HIV positive.

At 50, he is unemployed, struggling to make his mortgage payments and keep his COBRA payments current.

“I just can no longer afford my HIV meds simply because of the massive co-pays,” he said, asking to remain anonymous as he continues to search for a job. “However, since I do actually have insurance, and since I do still own my home, I don’t qualify for any sort of benefits or support.”

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Election: Attorney General preview

The race to replace Attorney General Thurbert Baker, who is running for governor, is the only statewide race where both Georgia Equality and the Atlanta Stonewall Democrats issued endorsements.

Both LGBT political groups backed Rep. Rob Teilhet, a Democrat. As a member of the Georgia House, he voted against the 2004 state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

“He is with us the majority of the time,” said GE Executive Director Jeff Graham, noting that Teilhet supports “basic fairness issues in terms of employment protection, supporting basic rights and existing law as it relates to our families and relationships.”

None of the candidates returned the Georgia Voice survey.

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Why Ga. needs a state hate crimes law

Georgia is one of only five states that does not have a state hate crimes law. But now that President Obama signed the Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr. Act into law in October, the federal hate crimes law should be enough, right?

No, say local LGBT activists.

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GA Spotlight: Georgia Equality

Georgia’s largest LGBT political organization is really two groups in one: Georgia Equality is a political and lobbying group, while the Equality Foundation of Georgia is a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on education and advocacy.

Founded in 1995, Georgia Equality is primarily known for its work lobbying at the Georgia General Assembly and efforts to endorse and elect pro-LGBT candidates.

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Atlanta LGBT Center effort gets $25,000 grant

A $25,000 grant from the Lloyd E. Russell Foundation will benefit efforts to support the Phillip Rush Center while assessing the need for a full-scale LGBT community center in Atlanta.