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Atlanta Eagle police raid investigations due today, but nothing surfaces yet

The long-awaited city investigation into the Atlanta Police Department’s 2009 raid on the Atlanta Eagle, a gay bar, was to be completed today, June 27, as mandated by a federal judge. The judge also required the report be released to the public when finished.

However, as June 27 comes to a close — a deadline set after the judge gave the city a three-week extension to finish the investigation — still nothing has been released from the mayor’s office or the APD to the public.

Two reports — one from the mayor's office and one from the APD's Office of Professional Standards — were due today as part of the city’s settlement with plaintiffs who sued the city after the bar was raided Sept. 10, 2009. The judge ruled the raid unconstitutional and the city settled the federal civil lawsuit for $1.025 million in December.