Annual Decatur Book Fest features plenty of LGBT fare

The annual AJC Decatur Book Festival attracts thousands of bibliophiles each year to metro Atlanta to partake in a vast vendor market as well as dozens of author events and seminars to listen to and learn from ...
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New theater season packed full of LGBT productions

Not only is the upcoming 2013-2014 local theater season packed with LGBT themed and LGBT friendly productions, but it’s a season that’s longer than perhaps any other on record. Aurora Theatre began its fall season this summer with “Les Miserables” and now everyone else is catching up and unveiling their openers.

The big news at the Alliance Theatre is Barry Manilow’s revisited musical “Harmony” – the story of a boy band in ‘30s Germany, half of whom were Jewish, who were disbanded by the Nazi party – but it’s far from the only offering from the company.

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Johnny & Julian: Love, laughter and how to style your hair

Johnny and Julian

Johnny Drago and Julian Modugno have been dating a year and now live together in a tiny studio apartment that is lined with books on nearly every wall.

Both are prolific writers and can be regularly seen at many of Atlanta’s numerous writing events sharing their craft. They also pursue their own creative projects — Johnny as an actor, Julian as a filmmaker — which gives them plenty to chat about over dinner.

They are also both quite fond of puns during their sexy times together — which seems to be a bit over the top.

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Three-way sex and love of shrimp topics of debut reading by gay Atlanta author ‘Dale Vigor’


Johnny Drago is a writer who likes to tackle everything from 6-foot tall vaginas to soap opera dinner theater.

But Drago has also been writing "erotic satire" under a pseudonym, "Dale Vigor," that takes on the subjects of pornography, gay relationships and, well, seafood.

Vigor makes his debut reading on Wednesday, Jan. 25, at 8 p.m. at the Drive-By Theater Project. Drago answered a few questions about himself and Vigor ahead of the reading dubbed "Pornography vs. Art." The reading will include explicit material and is intended for mature (mature?) audiences only.

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Honors go to Atlanta gay scribes

This week was a good one for Atlanta gay writers. Johnny Drago won first place in Creative Loafing's annual Fiction Writing issue and Collin Kelley's novel "Remain In Light" is up for the prestigious Townsend Prize for Fiction.

Kelley, novelist, poet, editor for Atlanta INtown newspaper, organizer for the Atlanta Queer Literary Fest, blogger and tweeter extraordinaire, talked to us in October about the release of his new book, "Remain In Light," the second in a trilogy that takes readers on a suspenseful murder mystery through Paris and America. His first in the series, "Conquering Venus," was published in 2009.

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Gay playwright Johnny Drago brings ‘Buckhead is Burning’ to East Atlanta

Johnny Drago, 33, is an Atlanta gay playwright who likes to make his audience think, furrow their eyebrows but especially laugh.

He debuted his “Attack of the 6-foot Vagina!” that was, yes, exactly what it sounds like, at a fundraiser for queer burlesque star Vagina Jenkins last April. His “Kiss of the Vampire” that imagines what happens when one partner in the perfect gay couple gets bitten by a vampire bat, and is days away from transforming into the undead, was performed last month at OnStage Atlanta, and he’s even taken on the role of Mary Jo Shively as part of the popular “Designing Women Live” performed in February, also at OnStage Atlanta.

An unapologetic fan of all things soap opera, Drago is now set to debut his “Buckhead is Burning” — a “soap opera style dinner theater experiment” Tuesday and Wednesday, May 10-11, at N'awlins, the Cajun-Italian restaurant located inside lesbian bar My Sisters’ Room in East Atlanta when the bar itself is closed during the day and early evening hours.

We asked Drago to tell us a little bit more of what to expect, including what’s on the menu for the “Buckhead is Burning” performances.