‘Crafting a better cocktail’ with 18.21 Bitters

Missy and Kristin Koefod are the power lesbian couple behind a burgeoning business known as 18.21 Bitters. The two met more than five years ago, got married, and in July, with the help of a successful Kickstart...

Burly Bakers looking to broaden its sweet mission

Atlanta gay entrepreneur Bill Armstrong is hungry for you to take a bite out of his desserts.The brawny baker with a sweet disposition is on a mission to bring his tasty pies, brownies, cookies and more to ...
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Philip Bonneau debuts third exhibit of comic, Disney characters

Hereos + Villians

Heroes. Villains. From comic books to Disney films, from He-Man and Skeletor to the Little Mermaid and Ursula, so many iconic childhood stories are divided into these two character types, one good, one evil, each needing the other to exist.

“Everyone has a choice to live life as a hero or a villain. I do think some people can lean either way, but predominantly remain in the gray area. All of that is relative really and that answer is something that only we can ask ourselves,” says Atlanta photographer Philip Bonneau, whose new exhibit, “Heroes + Villains 3” opens Nov. 16 at Inherent Design Lab, and includes each of those characters and many more.

“I think in the context of this series, especially this show, that there is no good or evil present in these characters,” he continues. “I think it is very successful at finding beauty in even the most villainous of characters.”

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[Video] ‘Drag Race’ winner Tyra Sanchez, gay filmmaker work toward new documentary

Tyra Sanchez of Atlanta, winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race" season two, is hoping you'll remember her name for reasons beyond her reality TV triumph. She's teamed up with gay filmmaker Björn Flóki to make a documentary called "Drag Dad" about balancing life as a drag superstar on stage and a single parent off.

During the "Drag Race" season that ran February through April 2010, rumors of Sanchez's life before the show littered the internet, some of which were true: James Ross, his real name, was homeless at 17. During the first week of his senior year of high school, when he "wasn't gay," he had a son, Jeremiah, with his best friend.The couple mutually agreed Ross would take custody.

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Filmmaker crowdfunds LGBT family documentary

Project Dad

Documentary filmmaker Sharon Shattuck is turning to Kickstarter in hopes of funding a documentary about LGBT families called “Project Dad.” Kickstarter is a web-based funding platform that allows its users to raise large amounts of money from small donations or purchases involving the project.

Shattuck hopes to raise $15,000 to finance filming.

From the Kickstarter: