5 LGBT things you need to know today, Feb. 16

1. Check out the “first married kiss” photo of this gay military couples that's gone viral. 2. Outsports' latest coming out story is about a high school volleyball player in Phoenix. 3. Curve Magazine has...
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Spring Preview: Big screen light on gay fare

Bully movie

Judging from available information, there will be as many LGBT faces on movie screens this spring as on the committee drafting the Republican platform.  Even Focus Features, which gave us “Beginners” last year and “The Kids Are All Right” the year before, has nothing to offer.

While hoping for some surprises, we’ll mention a few titles that still should interest our readers.

Fresh from their Oscar triumph with “The Artist,” The Weinstein Company has two films with Atlanta dates to be announced.  “Bully” is the documentary about school bullying that’s stirred up a storm because of the Restricted rating that will keep unaccompanied youngsters from seeing it.