Inside the inaugural Queer Black Film Festival

When the Barry Jenkins’ film “Moonlight” captured Best Picture at the 89th Annual Academy Awards, the conversation suddenly shifted towards newer windows of opportunity opening for queer independent filmmakers ...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, Dec. 15

1. “The divide over same-sex marriage encapsulates Rubio’s dilemma: he’s a young face in a party dominated by older voters.” Bloomberg takes a look at Sen. Marco Rubio and the GOP's marriage equality headache. ...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, Oct. 9

1. Spencer Stone, one of the heroes who thwarted a gunman's attack on a French train in August, was stabbed multiple times early Thursday morning after leaving a gay club in Sacramento. He is reportedly in stab...
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Atlanta Film Fest features LGBT flicks

There’s a lot of masturbation, literal and figurative, going on in the LGBT entries in the 2011 Atlanta Film Festival, whether they’re included in the gay “Pink Peach” section or in general narrative categories.

It’s common in festivals to find the results of filmmakers’ onanism splayed across the screen, but this year actors are doing the deed as well. Look for werewolf movies next year to explain all the hairy palms.

Joslyn Jensen in “Without” and Mark Cirillo in “The Seminarian” are each given more close-up face time than Meryl Streep has had in her whole career, so it’s not surprising that the camera doesn’t venture below the waist when they pleasure themselves. The prize for the most masturbation goes to Lydia Hyslop, who can’t keep her hand off herself in “Vacation!” except when she’s substituting household appliances, especially a blender.