There’s a Tiny Door coming to Charis Books

The Tiny Doors ATL movement has spread to include a notable name in Atlanta's LGBT community. Organizers behind the public art project announced Friday that the next Tiny Door is coming to Charis Books & Mo...
Bill Kaelin

Bill Kaelin: Vinyl records round out music memories

My mother tells me I was a high-strung, colicky baby who jumped off the table when the doctor clapped his hands during my first checkup. I was "overstimulated," he told her, warning: "You’re going to have your ...
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Sweetgrass Salon & Spa reflects relaxed vibe of Little 5

Sweetgrass Salon and Spa

Serving its community in Little 5 Points for 11 years, Sweetgrass Salon & Spa started out as simply a hair salon. Described by manager Brian Baj as having been a “come-in/clipper cut kind of thing,” Sweetgrass took cues from the bohemian environment of its Little 5 Points neighborhood to transform into the salon and spa it is today.  “Massage therapists started coming in and, lo and behold, before you know it, it’s now a full-functioning spa,” Baj says.

A quick look around the salon shows the full glory of that statement.

Sweetgrass is not your typical fountain-and-zen whitewashed spa. Like the community around it, it is as vibrant and colorful as a rainbow, with enough swirls and shades to make even peacocks think twice about challenging it.