Photo Gallery: Transgender equality march

On July 26, President Donald Trump let loose several tweets that effectively barred transgender service members from being in the US armed forces. Many in the LGBT community saw this move as yet another attempt...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, April 4

1. Former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is pleased with how his state's legislature handled the "bathroom bill" this session — in a recent radio interview, he said, "The good news is this: The lost the battl...

UGA Black Affairs Council, LGBT Resource center targets of hate speech

The Facebook pages of the University of Georgia's  Black Affairs Council and LGBT Resource Center were the targets of hate speech on Sunday, according to a report in the Red & Black student newspaper.

Someone who identified himself as Matthew Robert Williams posted on the BAC page , “Why can’t you dumb dirty niggers stop stinking up the place? Let UGA be RIGHT for good WHITE Christian students.”

Then on the LGBT Resource Center's page the person posted, “Burn in hell faggots.”
The posts were removed quickly and an administrative investigation is under way. Williams filed a report with the UGA police saying his identity was stolen and he was not responsible for the postings.

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[Photos] Dyke March attracts a cheerful, diverse crowd

The Dyke March at Atlanta Pride never fails to disappoint.

Hundreds of women, transgender individuals, queers, men and several babies marched the traditional route from the Charles Allen entrance of Piedmont Park to Peachtree Street then to 14th Street and back into the park.

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Atlanta LGBT Civil Rights March participants urged to play role in upcoming elections


Approximately 50 people marched from Woodruff Park to the state Capitol on Saturday, April 21, as part of the 2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights March that was to take place in cities across the country and world, according to organizers.

At a rally at the state Capitol following the march, numerous people spoke about the challenges lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people face in Georgia and around the world in their fight for full equality.

But they also urged people to be committed and dedicated to achieving equality because the opposition works every day to plant obstacles, target gay-friendly politicians and strategize politically to bring the LGBT movement to a standstill.

One way to show the commitment is to work for candidates who believe in LGBT equality and vote on July 31 in the primary for state and local elected officials.