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U.S. Marine faces lesser charge in attack on Savannah gay man

One of the U.S. Marines charged in the beating of a gay man in Savannah will not face a battery charge, a judge ruled today.

The Savannah Morning News reported today that Sgt. Keil Cronauer, 22, “will definitely not go up as battery,” as ruled by Chatham County Recorder’s Court Judge Claire Cornwell-Williams.

The other U.S. Marine charged in the attack on Kieran Daly — Christopher C. Stanzel, 23 — was sent to Chatham County State Court on the battery charge after a preliminary hearing, the newspaper reported.

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Alleged gay bashing by Marines not considered hate crime

The alleged beating of a gay man in Savannah by two Marines is no longer being considered a hate crime, according to a spokesperson for the Chatham County District Attorney.

Christopher Stanzel, 23, and Keil Cronauer, 22, of Beaufort are charged with misdemeanor battery in the attack on Kieran Daly, 26, on June 12 in Savannah. Daly, who is gay, alleged that he was attacked because one of the Marines said he winked at him.

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By the numbers: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

13,500 Discharges under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” through 2009. 58 Arabic language specialists discharged from the U.S. military under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” through 2003. 66,000 Additional gay Americans who it ...
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Religion blog: Defiantly Inclusive

Did you ever wonder why when something happens to one of our folks in the community it is almost always followed by stories that discredit the victim?

Remember Matthew Shepard?  The child was not warm yet in the arms of God when the stories started circulating he may have set himself up for being tied to a fence, tortured and murdered.

Remember the fella who got beat up leaving one of our gay watering holes?  It didn’t take long for stories to get started that his behavior may have led to his beating.

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LGBT activists found ‘Act Out Savannah’

Cody Patterson forms LGBT rights group in Savannah

Savannah LGBT activists are forming the group “Act Out Savannah” in response to recent attacks and alleged attacks on gay residents, according to a press release issued today.

“In response to the vile and vicious attacks on fellow members of the GLBT community of Savannah, and in response to the City and Police Department’s failure to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our community, the fiercest of Savannah’s activists have joined together to bring the fight for equal protection, equal rights and equal justice to the streets,” states the release.