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[Video] Ice, ice baby — lesbian proposes to girlfriend at hockey match

Christina and Alicia are major fans of hockey with Christina supporting the Ottawa Senators and Alicia loving on the Toronto Maple Leafs. But true love is stronger than any sports team rivalry.

At a March 18 hockey match in Canada, Felicia was led to the ice in a blindfold and then Christina followed her, met her at center rink, whispered into her ear, they hugged and kissed — to the roaring approval of the fans. And hockey fans are not known for their appreciation of nice, you know.

Christina dropped to her knees and asked Felicia to marry her. The Senators mascot danced around them holding a sign that read "SHE SAID YES."

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Canada since 2004.

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[Video] Pastor at Gold Dome is pissed off about lots of things — yes, including gay marriage

Creative Loafing today has a short post that says a lot. It's about Tony Byrd, pastor of Zebulon Baptist Church in Toccoa, who goes off on all kinds of our country's heinous transgressions, which, of course, includes gay marriage. The sermon was made before the Georgia House on Feb. 23.

"….The acceptance of gay marriage seems to be gaining unprecedented momentum!" he notes while talking about America's continuing fall into debauchery with all that pornography and smoking marijuana and abortions and such going on.

And, as CL points out, the cameraman pans several times on a bunch of bored lawmakers not being scared straight with the fire-and-brimstone sermon.

But, you know, having the words "the acceptance of gay marriage seems to gaining unprecedented momentum" can also be read as quite good news indeed. Thanks for noticing, preacher guy.

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Newt Gingrich: Affairs make me seem ‘normal’

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich's victory in South Carolina surprised many in the media, myself included, because we assumed that the GOP electorate would not be able to look beyond the former Speaker of the House's ethical probes, his forced banishment from House of Representatives and the fact that he's had more than one marriage end because of an affair.

Boy, was I wrong. Not only did Newt storm ahead in one of evangelical America's strongholds, he's leading the polls in the next primary contest, a decidedly less religiously-driven Florida.

How has Gingrich managed to make the GOP's voters forget (or choose to ignore) his sordid past?

In a recent interview with the Christian Broadcast Network, Gingrich says his appeal is all about redemption.

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Pressure on GOP candidates over LGBT positions ahead of primaries

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann

The Grand Old Party has had a hard time dealing with LGBT activists this campaign season. From “glitter bombs” to awkward responses in town hall meetings, this year's crop of GOP presidential candidates has been forced to stand by their positions on marriage, gays and lesbians in the military and employment non-discrimination.

Thanks to the power of social media and the accessibility of amateur video for the world to see, activists have been able to highlight the often hypocritical or nonsensical anti-gay positions as the GOP's candidates make their way across the early primary states.

Take Michele Bachmann, for example. She and her husband Marcus run a Christian-based counseling clinic that practices “reparative” therapy in her homestate of Minnesota. “Pray the gay away,” in other words. That, and Michele's anti-gay positions, led to a series of “glitter bombs” and even an occupation of the Bachmann clinic by “gay barbarians” over the summer.