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More Americans say marriage is obsolete

Even as the fight for marriage equality continues on the state and federal fronts, some four out of 10 Americans recently surveyed by the Pew Research Center said that the tradition is becoming obsolete.

Pew found that 39 percent of respondents said that marriage was becoming or is already obsolete. Time Magazine asked a similar question in 1978 and only 28 percent held the same view.

Pew's report highlights a declining trend in marriages since 1960. According to Pew, in 2008 only 53 percent of “adults” were married. In 1960, that number was 72 percent.

The report also found that only 43 percent of those surveyed said more gay couples raising children was good for society.

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Election: Governor’s race offers little positive for gay voters

None of the candidates to be Georgia’s next governor have campaigned for LGBT votes, although several have long — mostly negative — records on LGBT issues.

Most candidates declined to respond to surveys from the Georgia Voice and LGBT political groups, while several Republican candidates have tried to use their opposition to gay rights as campaign strategies.

Among the major Democratic candidates, former Gov. Roy Barnes has the clearest, generally positive record of not shutting out gay constituents, largely due to his former term in office.

Among the Republicans, Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine has continued his outspoken opposition to fairness for LGBT couples in his bid for higher office, while former U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal has attempted to use former Secretary of State Karen Handel’s past support for issues like domestic partner benefits against her.

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Erica French and Nina Gooch celebrate 21 years

Erica French and Nina Gooch were joined in holy union (married) 21 years ago on May 20, 1989, at the Metropolitan Community Church of Boston.  They have been together since they met over 25 years ago as inte...
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Milestones: Joan Sherwood and Debbie Fraker

Joan Sherwood and Debbie Fraker celebrate their anniversary

Joan Sherwood and Debbie Fraker celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary and 19 years together on April 19. They were married in Toronto, Ontario, in 2004 with the Honourable Justice Harvey Brownstone performing the ceremony.