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Counterpoint: Save Cheshire Bridge from Alex Wan and the gentrifiers

Cheshire Bridge Road: alluring, risque, diverse, authentic, vibrant, alive, and now... endangered because of people like Atlanta City Councilman Alex Wan, the openly gay official whose District 6 includes both Cheshire Bridge Road and Midtown.

Recently, we learned of a zoning effort to change the character of Cheshire Bridge by getting rid of restaurants, bars, clubs, and stores that were grandfathered in as part of a 2005 rezoning. Now Mr. Wan wants to go back and get rid of grandpa.

The legal aspects of this do not bode well for Wan nor for the neighborhoods he purportedly represents, as they have proposed an illegal “taking.”

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It’s time to reclaim ‘homosexual’

I think it’s wonderful to be homosexual. I, for one, am a proud homosexual Atlantan. I am also a member of the gay community, or the LGBTQI community, or, you know, I’m “family.”

For many years I have advocated for the proud and unashamed use of the word “homosexual” in order to reclaim it as a positive word.

As news editor of Atlanta Progressive News, I have used the word pretty consistently and published an editorial policy statement about it in 2006. Over the years, I have had a lot of debates with friends and colleagues about it. Recently, I received a call from State Rep. Karla Drenner, who insisted she is not homosexual; she is a lesbian.

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Ga. Supreme Court rules for gay journalist who sued Atlanta over open meetings

The Ga. Supreme Court ruled 4-3 today that the Atlanta City Council violated the state's Open Meetings Act when it refused to disclose how individual council members voted on a rule to amend the amount of public comment time at committee meetings.

Matthew Cardinale, who is openly gay and founder and editor of Atlanta Progressive News, represented himself in the case before the high court. Representing the city were city attorneys Cathy Hampton, Amber Robinson and Kristin Denius.

Cardinale argued his case before the Georgia Supreme Court on Oct. 4. You can view video of the oral arguments by Cardinale and the city by clicking here.

The case stems from a public meeting retreat the council had at the Georgia Aquarium in 2010 when council members voted on whether to amend rules regarding the amount of time the public can speak during committee meetings. According to documents, the council vote was 8-7 to keep the public comment time as it is. However, the minutes of the meeting did not show who voted how and Cardinale asked the city for a list of how each council member voted.

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Ga. Supreme Court to hear gay journalist’s case against Atlanta City Council

Matthew Cardinale, activist and editor of the online Atlanta Progressive News, is slated to present his case to the Georgia Supreme Court on Oct. 4, alleging the Atlanta City Council has violated the Open Meetings Act.

According to a summary provided by the state Supreme Court, the case stems from a vote the Atlanta City Council took last year while on a retreat at the Georgia Aquarium on whether or not to limit public comments at committee meetings. Cardinale's lawsuit was filed in Fulton Superior Court on May 17, 2010.

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APN hosts town hall to address BP oil disaster

The Atlanta Progressive News will host a town hall meeting tonight at the Spring4th Center in Midtown to discuss the BP oil disaster. The forum will feature six speakers and a question and answer session.

Topics to be covered include government accountability, reducing our dependence on oil and how to take direct action.