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Meme of the week: First World Gay Problems

Everyone has experienced a "First World Problem." Whether it's "one pillow is too low, but two pillows are too high" or "I really want something to drink, but all I have in my house is water," we've all felt the pain of being inconvenienced by our modern lifestyles.

Gays are no different. This week's Meme of the Week, First World Gay Problems, is inspired by a line from one of our Hot Minute videos.

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Meme of the week: Success Kid is ready for the weekend

Meme of the Week

Yes! It's Friday. The first official week of working from home has been a success for the employees of GA Voice and like you, we're eagerly anticipating the weekend and all of the fun things going on in the city.

This week's Meme of the Week celebrates the end of the work week, courtesy of Success Kid.

Speaking of the weekend, check out some of the happenings in Atlanta from our Best Bets calendar.

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Meme of the week: Conspiracy Keanu on One Million Moms

Earlier this week, retailer JC Penney released a new Father's Day catalog featuring a pair of actual, happily married dads (Todd Koch and Cooper Smith) and their kids.

This ad seriously upset Christian conservative group One Million Moms (which is actually something like 46,000), who also had their panties in a bunch over the retailer hiring Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson earlier this year.

Here's the rundown: JCP hires Ellen. OMM gets pissy. JCP says bug off, bigots, we're not firing her. OMM threatens boycott. Boycott doesn't work. OMM fails. The end.

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Meme of the week: Dear 40-year old me

Meme of the week

It's becoming harder and harder to ignore memes on the internet these days. From Facebook to Tumblr, Twitter and beyond, memes have all but taken over the internet.

This week's meme of the week, our first-ever, comes courtesy of the Illinois Safe Schools Coalition, though Inappropriate timing Bill Clinton came in a very, very close second. Something tells us we'll be seeing a few parodies of this inspirational video in the coming days: