Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter: On the other side with Millie Pete

"We're here, aren't we?" That was the response from a nurse when I asked her in the hallway how her Christmas was going. Neither one of us was at home that day and it made me realize the holidays aren't alwa...

Melissa Carter: Consider giving in to retail pressure

What's the hottest new toy this Christmas? If I were still a kid it wouldn't matter to my parents. They'd think it's too expensive and that they could put something together that's just as good as the original....

Melissa Carter: Going to grandma’s house in the ATL

It took my son two months to do what I've attempted to do myself for more than a decade. My mother, Millie Pete, is now an Atlanta resident. When Mr. Carter was born in October, Millie Pete decided she wante...
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Celebrate art – and life – with Melissa Carter’s mom this Thursday

The art of Millie Pete

GA Voice columnist and All News 106.7 radio personality Melissa Carter will host a night of art to celebrate the creative works of her mother, Millie Pete Carter. The event, called "The Way I See It," will be held Thursday, Nov. 15, at Muse & Co. in Roswell and will benefit Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia.

“My Mom, Millie Pete, has been an artist and art teacher all her life, and even though she is losing her vision she is still creating art,” Melissa Carter said of the upcoming event. “This Thursday we are going to display and sell a variety of her pieces at an event called The Way I See It, to benefit Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia.”

Mille Pete is suffering from macular degeneration, a medical condition which ultimately results in the loss of vision. Melissa wrote about her mom's condition, and all that she has learned from her mother, in a March 2012 GA Voice column: