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Ousted gay Milton council member files legal complaint over ‘homophobic’ robocalls

Alan Tart, the openly gay Milton City Council member who lost his reelection bid on Nov. 8 to challenger Lance Large, has filed a complaint with the Georgia Secretary of State's Elections Division. Tart alleges two robocalls that went out the night before the election included one that illegally impersonated him as well as falsely represented they were from his campaign.

According to Tart, the calls began being received by people he knew at about 7 p.m. on Nov. 7.

"One was a woman speaking about me in the third person; the other was a man impersonating me in the first person," Tart said.

The robocall from the man, according to Tart, stated, "I am the only openly gay Democrat in North Fulton and it’s important to re-elect Alan Tart so that a progressive voice is heard on the city council. As cited in the GA Voice, ATL Progressive News, and Project Q magazines, Alan, as a progressive who is openly gay, is in a tight race against a conservative Republican Lance Large. Make sure to re-elect Alan Tart to keep a Democratic voice in a sea of Republicans."

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Gay Milton City Council member faces reelection challenge

Milton City Council member Alan Tart, who is gay and lives in the North Fulton city with his partner and daughter, will face Lance Large on the November ballot for the council's District 6 seat.

The election is set for Nov. 8, 2011. The official qualifying period for candidates began Monday and ended Friday afternoon.

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Gay Milton City Council member seeks re-election

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Alan Tart, the openly gay Milton City Council member, announced this week he is seeking his second term in the socially conservative and affluent city located in northern Fulton County.

Milton was incorporated as a city in 2006 and Tart was elected to the City Council in 2007.
Tart and his partner, David, have been together 11 years and moved to Milton in 2005. They are raising Tart's daughter, Madison, 13.

The fact Tart is openly gay didn't become news to the LGBT media until June, but Tart said he has never been in the closet and his neighbors and colleagues have always known he is gay.

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Georgia elected officials come out

Newly out Georgia politicians

Alan Tart came out as gay to his wife in 2000, when his daughter was not yet two years old. The two were promptly divorced. Shortly after Thanksgiving that year, he met David while having a drink at Blake’s in Midtown. The two have been together ever since and are raising Tart’s daughter, now 13.

The couple doesn’t live in Midtown. They live in Milton, the city in northern Fulton County that was incorporated in 2006. Since 2007, Tart has served as a Milton County City Council member. And, he says, he’s never hidden the fact he is gay.

“I have been out. My friends know I’m gay, my work knows I’m gay, my neighborhood knows I’m gay,” Tart said in an interview with the GA Voice.