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‘Rick Bus’ tour brings the anti-gay to Ga. ahead of Super Tuesday

Maggie Gallagher brings the anti-gay back to Georgia

Maggie Gallagher, the former chair of the National Organization for Marriage, will bring her unique brand of crazy to Georgia ahead of the state's Super Tuesday primary as part of the Susan B. Anthony List's “Rick Bus” tour.

The tour features conservative and religious activists who support the presidential candidacy of former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum and will make stops in Columbus and Augusta on Saturday, March 3; and Savannah, Macon and Atlanta on Monday, March 5.

Also joining Gallagher is former Colorado U.S. Rep Marilyn Musgrave. You may remember her as the sponsor of the failed Federal Marriage Amendment. She, like Gallagher, has made a treasure trove of anti-gay statements during her career.

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National Organization for Marriage pleads for donations after Prop 8 defeat Brown, the executive director for the National Organization for Marriage, wasted no time in issuing a call-to-arms to his organization's supporters this afternoon.

Moments after today's landmark ruling made by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that found California's same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional, NOM had already sent out a fundraising plea previewing the next round of the ongoing legal battle.

“Moments ago, the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit handed down a sweeping ruling striking down California’s Proposition 8 and — for the first time ever — finding a ‘right’ to same-sex marriage in the United States Constitution!” Brown said in the email.

“A Supreme Court victory would preserve the marriage laws of 44 states, denying same-sex marriage radicals in their campaign to force gay marriage on the entire nation in one fell swoop. But if we lose at the Supreme Court, marriage will be jeopardized not just in California, but in all 50 states,” Brown continued.

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[Video] National Organization for Marriage goes after Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul

The National Organization for Marriage is targeting Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) ahead of today's New Hampsire Primary. The anti-gay group announced this week that it had set up a phone bank and had begun running television ads in the state.

Paul is not a gay rights hero, but he's far from NOM's preferred choice, former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Penn). Paul and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman are the only two major GOP candidates that refused to sign NOM's “Marriage Pledge.”

Here's one of their commercials:

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National Organization for Marriage struggles post-New York

National Organization for Marriage logoThe National Organization for Marriage sent out an email to its supporters last week asking for funds to help combat the reelection efforts of seven New York senators, all of whom voted to legalize same-sex marriage, in the upcoming 2012 elections. NOM has pledged $2 million to “oppose pro-SSM legislators” in the coming election.

NOM is targeting Republicans and Democrats who voted in favor of marriage equality as part of a three-phase plan to put the marriage debate back on the table.

Via NOM's website:

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Anti-gay NOM steps up pressure on King & Spalding

National Organization for Marriage logoThe National Organization for Marriage announced today the creation of a new campaign targeted at the King & Spalding law firm over their decision to abandon representation for the U.S. House of Representatives in the ongoing legal battles surrounding the Defense of Marriage Act.

NOM has put together the “We're There Until You Need Us” campaign where supporters are invited to sign a petition telling the law firm the decision to back out of representation is a mistake.

Not that I'm an expert on branding campaigns, but the name of NOM's latest anti-gay effort doesn't make a lot of sense. Who is there until you need them, NOM? King & Spalding?

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National Organization for Marriage launches King & Spalding ‘investigation’

National Organization for Marriage logoThe bad news keeps piling up for the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage.

Just last week, a new CNN/Opinion Research Poll found that a slim majority of Americans actually support marriage equality for same-sex couples. A similar poll conducted by CBS and the Washington Post also found more Americans than ever before support marriage equality.

And, of course, we can't forget the former NOM strategist, Louis Marinelli, who jumped ship in early April and now supports marriage equality. We have a great interview with Marinelli here, by the way.

On the heels of the news that Atlanta-based King & Spalding would not represent the U.S. House of Representatives in the on-going legal battles against the Defense of Marriage Act, NOM announced today that it was launching an investigation into whether the law firm broke any rules of professional conduct or if the firm “acted illegally” in deciding to withdraw from the case.

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NOM rally shows how we will win our fight for equality

Atlanta rally against NOM protest

We did it, Atlanta.

In August, hundreds of us braved soaring temperatures to stand across the street from the State Capitol, bearing witness against the National Organization for Marriage’s “Summer for Marriage” tour.

Of course, it was really a “Summer Against Gay Marriage” tour, complete with overwrought predictions of what would happen if (gasp) gay couples are legally allowed to say “I do.”

Alveda King — the niece of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and a disgrace to her uncle’s legacy of inclusion and civil rights — told the assembled crowd redefining marriage by allowing gay couples to legally wed amounts to “genocide” and will lead to the “extinction” of the human race.

Um, the assembled crowd of 35. And I generously counted their speakers, performers, volunteers and even the media who stood on their side of the street.