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Our most read stories of the week include a Mike Ritter cartoon and must-see flicks for your Netflix

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Must-sees for your gay Netflix account

Gay favorites on Netflix

It's no secret that I'm in an open relationship with my Netflix instant account. I watch a lot of documentaries and super-dramatic sad movies, but every now and then I'll indulge my inner queen and look for time wasters in the gay and lesbian genre.

Of course, even though the gays are sprinkled throughout the entertainment industry, we've yet to become fully realized when it comes to the entertainment we make for ourselves.

In other words: A lot of gay movies you'll find on Netflix are utter crap.

In an effort to solicit the best titles from our readers, I'll share with you some of my gay (and non-gay) must-sees. Be prepared for whacky tastes, and please don't hold me accountable for wasting two hours of your life on something I loved but you hated. View at your own risk.