Photo Gallery: AGLCC January 2017 Networking Night

The Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce hosted its first member networking night of 2017 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Midtown Atlanta. Bar Margot provided frozen s'mores pops and pasta hors d'oeuvres ...
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Atlanta gay business group charts new direction in name, networking

Founded 21 years ago by a small group of gay and lesbian business people, the Atlanta Executive Network has served as a place for LGBT people to network with other professionals in a safe space.

Times have changed and so has the business of networking for LGBT people, says Todd Harkleroad, president of AEN. And that means it's time for AEN to  catch up with the new world where LGBT people are able to more open and out in their personal lives as well as their business lives.

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Atlanta Executive Network celebrates 20 years of gay business advocacy

AEN celebrates 20th anniversary

The Atlanta Executive Network will mark 20 years of gay and lesbian business advocacy with a party at Kai Lin Art Gallery on Aug. 23.

AEN will honor past leaders of the organization while looking forward to its future. One of those to be honored is the organization’s founder and first president, Allen Jones.

Jones, now 75, recalls how the early days of AEN were a different time for gays and lesbians inside (and outside) the workplace.

“Well, in 1992, when I started with AEN, some people were still pretty closeted,” Jones says. “We had a couple of people that wouldn’t wear name tags to the early meetings because they were senior officers with businesses here in Atlanta. It took them a couple of meetings to warm up to the idea of wearing name tags.”