Chelsea Manning Denied Entry To Australia

Chelsea Manning, the once-imprisoned activist, leaker of classified information, and transgender woman, has been barred from entering the country of Australia, news sources have reported. Human rights organi...

5 LGBTQ things you need to know today, April 24

1. A Warner Robins police officer has come out as transgender. Anna Lange has worked for the Houston County Sheriff's Department for the past decade. When she came out, she expected to be fired. Instead, she wa...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, March 7

1. Paul Burrell, butler of the late Princess Diana, recently came out. He said Diana is the only one who knew. Butler is set to marry his boyfriend next month in a circus-themed wedding. 2. Tokyo, Japan, off...
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[Video] New Zealand Parliament sings with joy after passing gay marriage

New Zealand gay marriage

Yesterday, New Zealand became the latest country to legalize marriage for same-sex couples, making the small island nation the 13th country in the world and first in the Asian-Pacific rim to allow such unions.

The new rules, which will amend the country's marriage law, will go into effect mid-August of this year.

After the final vote had been counted, supporters of the bill, and some lawmakers, began to sing "Pokarekare Ana"  — a traditional New Zealand love song that is as well known as  "You Are My Sunshine" here -- while congratulating one another. Several lawmakers can be seen wiping away tears as those in the observation section above them continue to sing.