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Homophobia still accepted in pro sports?

International rugby superstar Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen is a ruggedly handsome man who is not afraid to pose shirtless — thrilling many gay men around the world who may not know anything about rugby, but do admire a beautiful body.

Cohen, a U.K. rugby champion who is straight, married and has twin daughters, said he has no qualms with being a “gay icon.”

“That’s fine by me,” he said in a telephone interview from his home in Northamptonshire, England.

But Cohen wants to use his notoriety in a way other professional athletes have not. His main cause off the pitch is helping LGBT youth, as well as eliminating homophobia from athletics.

“I’ve never seen a straight athlete do this before. I’m really passionate about this,” he said.

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Jon Stewart eviscerates media over J. Crew coverage

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

On last night's "Daily Show with Jon Stewart," host Jon Stewart called out the major television news outlets for their recent coverage of a J. Crew ad that features Jenna Lyons, the fashion house's Technical Director with her son and his pink toenails.

Ever anxious to point out the absurdity of cable news coverage, Stewart was on point in a segment entitled “Toemageddon – This Little Piggy Went to Hell.”

Check out the video below: