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Lesbian moms, we must stop doing this to each other

It’s disgusting, and once again, it almost cost us all dearly. Another lesbian mom had a baby with her partner, let her partner adopt the child, then when they split up, tried to claim the adoption shouldn’t have counted anyway — you know, what with them being gay and all.

It’s the ugly side of the lesbian “gayby” boom, a sad by-product of living in a state where our daily comfort level far surpasses the actual legal protections available to our families. And as lesbian moms, we have got to stop letting our bitterness get the better of us during break-ups.

Let’s review: Gay couples can’t marry in Georgia, thanks to a 1996 law and 2004 state constitutional amendment that banned same-sex marriage.

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Ga. appeals court upholds second-parent adoption in lesbian ‘divorce’ case

GA Court of Appeals

In a case that risked far-reaching consequences, the Georgia Court of Appeals recently upheld a second-parent adoption involving a lesbian couple, but avoided taking a stand on whether the state’s ban on same-sex marriage impacts the legality of second-parent adoptions overall.

First reported in the Fulton Daily Report, the case involves Nicole Bates and her former partner, Tina Bates. Nicole Bates became pregnant through an anonymous sperm donor in 2007 and she wanted her partner, Tina, to adopt the child so both could be legal parents.

The second-parent adoption was approved in Fulton County by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville. Although the couple did not live in Fulton County, their attorney said it would be easier to get a same-sex second parent adoption approved there.