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Holiday weekend nightlife

If you're staying in town this holiday weekend, why not take advantage of the many nightlife events happening around town?

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East Point Possums tonight

One of the southeast's largest drag shows benefits Atlanta Pride and Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative


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Nightlife heats up for long weekend

Gay Atlanta’s bars are always hopping on the weekend, but many clubs are pulling out all the stops for the three-day Memorial Day weekend.

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All-night party to create what Backstreet would have been

DJ Twisted Dee performs at Club Q at Legends

There is no better time than an extended holiday weekend to celebrate the spirit of the never-closing nightclub that once made Atlanta’s gay scene one of the most vibrant in the country, and to revisit the bygone days when partygoers exited a venue with their eyes squinted as they were greeted by the glaring morning sun.

There have been numerous attempts to recapture the glory of Backstreet — the Midtown gay club that operated 24/7 for three decades before being shuttered by the Atlanta Police Department after a protracted, bitter showdown with city officials and an antagonistic neighborhood association. But promoters Chris Coleman and Fernando Jardim are attempting to bring the magic of Backstreet to the modern day with their May 30 Club Q party at Legends.

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Best Bets 5.28 – 6.10

Friday, May 28 MondoHomo queer fest takes over Atlanta for Memorial Day Weekend. Tonight is Mondo Cabaret featuring queer drag, burlesque, theater, puppetry and other performance artists from across the country...