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‘Summer of Marriage’ tour a bust and a sham

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) bus tour comes to Atlanta on Saturday, Aug. 7. Let me fill you in on this media-hungry anti-gay marriage group.

Its leadership is Catholic but numerous allegations abound that it is an arm of the Church of Latter Day Saints, which contributed massive amounts of money to the passage of Proposition 8 — the ballot measure that amended California’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

Articles in Mother Jones and the Wall Street Journal, among others, have documented this relationship. Founded in 2007, specifically to put Prop. 8 on the ballot in California, NOM has since backed similar measures in Maine, Washington and Iowa. Now the group has taken its show on the road with the “Summer for Marriage Tour.”

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Love + Commitment = Marriage

Sign making party tonight to prepare for Saturday's rally protesting anti-gay NOM's bus tour stopping in Atlanta

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Religion blog: Smoke and mirrors

Rev. Eugene H. Peterson, who is a “Professor Emeritus” of Spiritual Theology at Regent College in Vancouver B.C. is the author of one of newer translations of the Bible called “The Message”, the Bible in contemporary language. In his introduction to the Old Testament book of Amos he writes:

“More people are exploited and abused in the cause of religion then in any other way.  Sex, money and power all take a back seat to religion as a source of evil. Religion is the most dangerous energy source known to humankind. The moment a person (or government or religion or organization) is convinced that god, is either ordering or sanctioning a cause or project, anything goes. The history worldwide of religion fueled hate, killing, and oppression is staggering.”

As most of my readers know, our fair city of Atlanta is about to get a visit from The National Organization for Marriage (NOM). Dr. Peterson could have very easily been talking about them.

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Atlanta LGBT activists to counter National Organization for Marriage bus tour

National Organization for Marriage ad'A Gathering Storm'

The National Organization for Marriage, the group that spearheaded the opposition to California’s Proposition 8 in 2008, will stop in Atlanta on Aug. 7 to hold a protest at the state capitol as part of a national bus tour.

The protest will take place from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Several Atlanta organizations, including the Queer Justice League of Atlanta, MEGA Family Project and Georgia Equality, denounced the planned visit today in a press release.

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Religion blog: Look up in the sky

... it’s a Bird... no a plane... no it’s... The “National Organization for Marriage”: Protecting Marriage and the Faith Communities that Sustain It.

They will be in Atlanta in early August to attempt through slick lies and fear mongering convince the people of Georgia by allowing our community to get married it will be the end of the world and the precious institution will be ruined.