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[Video] Another anti-gay N.C. pastor makes an ass of himself

Charles Worley

Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C., is about to feel the wrath of the internet. The somewhat inaudible, backwoods preacher man has an idea for dealing with gays and lesbians in the wake of President Barack Obama's announcement of his support for same-sex marriage. Spoiler alert: Worley is an ass.

“I figured a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers but it couldn't get it passed through Congress," Worley says in an epic rant suitable for "Deliverance."

"Build a great, big, large fence, hundred or hundred-fifty mile long, put all the lesbians in there. Fly over and drop some food. Do the same thing with the queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified til they can't get out. Feed em' and you know what, in a few years they'll die out. Do you know why? They can't reproduce.”

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Outspoken: Joe Biden, CM Punk, Caroline Kennedy and more…

“I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women marrying another are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties. And quite frankly, I don’t see much of a distinction beyond that.”

— Vice President Joe Biden on Meet the Press, touching off debate over whether he had gone beyond President Obama, who does not support gay marriage but has said his views are “evolving.” (Meet the Press, May 6)

“There are few things in life more important than being able to marry and build a family with the person you love. This fundamental right should be available to all Americans, including gay and lesbian couples.”

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[Video] N.C. amendment banning gay marriage a win for LGBT equality?


Southerners on New Ground, which is based in North Carolina and Atlanta, created a video to say it and its members are not defeated by the passage of Amendment 1. The state constitutional amendment states that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

S.O.N.G. works to empower LGBTQ people living in rural areas of the South on such issues as immigration rights and transgender non-discrimination says instead that Amendment 1 unified all people in the state to fight for LGBTQ equality as well as form a movement to work for the rights of all disenfranchised people.