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Same-sex couple ‘occupies’ foreclosed Atlanta home

A female couple and their two children are now "occupying" a foreclosed home in Atlanta's Pittsburgh neighborhood with the support of the home's former owners.

Reneka Wheeler and Michelene Meusa have two children and had been homeless since summer, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, which grew out of last year's "Occupy" movement, helped the family move into the vacant house yesterday.

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Lesbian couple keeps home thanks to Occupy Atlanta

Tent at Occupy Atlanta protest

A lesbian couple in Riverdale, Ga., will get to stay in their home after successfully negotiating a refinanced mortgage with the help of activists from Occupy Atlanta, according to an article published today on Huffington Post.

Brigitte Walker, and her partner Ajai Craig, turned to Occupy Atlanta for help earlier this month when Walker, a veteran on 90 percent disability, found out her home was facing foreclosure by mortgage holder, JP Morgan Chase. Walker said at the time her limited income through disability and JPMorgan Chase's unwillingness to negotiate new terms to the loan meant she was in "a deep hole."

Members of the Occupy movement moved in with Walker and Craig, drawing national attention to the couple's case. Occupy Atlanta also canvassed Walker's neighborhood and even set up "Occupy Riverdale" headquarters in Walker's garage. Huffington Post reports that a loan modification became official earlier today, which will save the couple “hundreds of dollars” a month in mortgage payments.

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Occupy Atlanta moves in with lesbian couple facing foreclosure

Occupy Atlanta protesters in Woodruff Park

Activists with Atlanta's Occupy movement will occupy the Riverdale home of Brigitte Walker and her partner, Ajai Craig, the group announced this week.

Walker, an Iraq War veteran, is on 90 percent disability stemming from injuries she sustained while serving in the military and is facing foreclosure from her mortgage holder. Organizers say that her fixed income, along with her bank's refusal to negotiate new terms, have put her home “deep into the foreclosure process.”

Occupy Atlanta will host a press conference at Walker and Craig's home later today, organizers said.

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Occupy Equality aims to unite LGBT economic protesters

A lesbian activist in New York is trying to unite LGBT members of Occupy Wall Street protests across the country to highlight the economic issues gay and transgender people face for simply being who they are.

Jessica Naomi, 60, from Catskills, N.Y.,  started the Occupy Equality movement, an Internet gathering of LGBT activists involved in the nationwide OWS protests, a month ago and has held several working group meetings online.

“We’re trying to connect the street to the net,” Naomi said in a phone interview. “We’re using it as a way to do direct action.”

Naomi said a disability makes it difficult for her to walk and attend OWS protests, which is why she turned to the Internet for a way to become involved.

“I’m disabled, I can’t even go to these things. My ability to walk is very limited, which is why I’m trying to connect the Internet to the street. We should all have a voice,” Naomi said.

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Mayor Reed: ‘Occupy’ arrests made for public safety

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed at LGBT town hall meeting

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed was forced to answer public questions over his handling of the recent Occupy Atlanta arrests at a town hall-style meeting at Saint Mark United Methodist Church last night.

Reed was on hand to discuss the 2009 raid on the Atlanta Eagle, a gay bar, alongside the Atlanta Police Department's LGBT Advisory Board and APD head Chief George Turner. But several of the open floor questions centered on the mayor's decision to revoke an executive order allowing Occupy Atlanta protesters to remain in the city's Woodruff Park beyond an 11 p.m. deadline and the subsequent arrests of the protesters who refused to comply in the early morning hours of Oct. 26.

Some 53 protesters were arrested, according to the city.