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Inside Georgia’s (and America’s) Gayby Boom

Gayboy Boom

The bemoaned go-go boy dancing on a float may soon have to surrender his status as the cultural symbol of Gay Pride festivals — to baby strollers.

“Over the last few years, Pride feels more like a giant play date,” said Gail Panacci, a lesbian mother of two young children. “There’s strollers, and an entire kid section, and there’s a lot now to accommodate LGBT families. It sometimes feels like it’s a giant birthday party.

“It’s wild and phenomenal, especially that this is happening in Atlanta,” she said.

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Television’s new ‘Supernanny’ visits gay family

Lesbian couple of Super Nanny

It's no secret, at least among my closest friends, that I like really horrible television.

I'll dish about how soulless "American Idol" and "X Factor" are. I can't watch "Glee" because the auto-tune makes my ears bleed. I'll never sit down for an episode of "Dancing with the Stars" or "The Bachelor." But a "Dance Moms" re-run? "Bad Girls Club" marathon? Definitely.

Every so often, one of my favorite horrific guilty pleasures yields something remarkable — something worth watching.

One of my all-time favorites is "Supernanny." You might be familiar with English nanny Jo Frost and her infamously successful naughty chair, but the show has now been reincarnated as "America's Supernanny" with new nanny Deborah Tillman.

She's very sassy.