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Religion blog: “You Are God’s Child and You Are Not A Mistake!”

When I was a 13, during the month of January 1968, I wrote a paper for my 8th grade English class on why Dr. Martin Luther King was my hero.  No big deal one would think except I was a white kid in an all white school.  As any one who reads my blog with any regularity will tell you my grammar is awful and so it was no surprise I got an A for content but a D for grammar.  With that paper my life became complicated.  I was now known as a n***** lover.  There was no end to the jokes and nasty notes left at my locker or in my schoolbooks.

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Religion blog: Oh, rubbish, you have no power here

As I sit here writing this blog, I cannot help but feel the intense emotion of pride for our LGBTQ community. Sometimes we mess up and get ourselves over reactive to situations brought to our community.  Yet, not this time...this time we did it correctly.  This time we allowed our enemies to put their sizable feet right into their mouths.

As every one knows “The National Organization for Marriage” (NOM) found their way to our little part of the world.  To say the rally they held was a complete and utter failure is to understate how bad it really was for them.

As has been reported by various sources they were lucky if the number of attendees reached 20 (this is minus reporters, speakers, entertainers, and the Capital police).

Meanwhile across Washington Street, 300 plus of the LGBTQ community and straight allies showed up to give witness to the fact we are diverse, wise and a gentle people.