Peter Thiel

5 LGBT things you need to know today, Jan. 5

1. Fox News may be getting some competition. Openly gay venture capitalist Peter Thiel, who famously came out at the 2016 Republican National Convention while pledging his support for Donald Trump, is reportedl...
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Herman Cain: ‘Homosexuality is a choice’

herman cain

GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain appeared on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight last night talking up his presidential run. In an already up-and-down primary season, Cain has made his way into the top tier of GOP candidates in recent weeks, according to recent national polls.

Host Morgan asked Cain his stance on LGBT issues among a wide array of topics:

“I happen to think that it is a choice,” Cain stated. “You show me evidence, other than opinion, and you might cause me to reconsider that.”

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Christine O’Donnell walks out of CNN interview over gay rights

Former Delaware senate candidate Christine O'Donnell

Just because she's not a witch, doesn't mean that Christine O'Donnell, the former U.S. Senate candidate from Delaware, is a good interviewee. Last night during “Piers Morgan Tonight” on CNN, O'Donnell was pressed to talk about her views on same-sex marriage.

O’Donnell, popular with Tea Party voters, drew scrutiny during her campaign for past statements that she had allegedly dabbled in witchcraft, and also for referring to homosexuality as an “identity disorder.”

She is now promoting her new book, “Troublemaker: Let's Do What it Takes to Make America Great Again.”