Transgender Pose Star Indya Moore Comes Out as Poly

Star of the groundbreaking TV show Pose, Indya Moore, came out as poly on Twitter yesterday (December 26). The trans actress tweeted, “So, I realized I’m poly.”

Atlanta Poly Weekend hits town this weekend

Polyamory is a concept gaining more acceptance in recent years, and nowhere will that be more clear than at Atlanta Poly Weekend today through Sunday at the Holiday Inn Perimeter-Dunwoody. Briefly defined, p...
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Sex & Dating: Is Atlanta a hotbed for polyamory?

Atlanta polyamorous scene growing

Billy Holder was looking through a kitchen drawer searching for his barbecue tools. He was about to cook dinner for his wife, Melissa, and their boyfriend, Jeremy, following an afternoon at the park.

Holder and his wife, Melissa, have been married 14 years and have two teens and a six-year old child. They live a polyamorous lifestyle — not to be confused with polygamy, which means marrying more than one person, or even “swinging,” because, they explain, polyamory is about love first, not sex. Generally, polyamory can be defined as open, honest non-monogamous relationships.

After watching his brother go through a horrible divorce, Holder said the two sat down to discuss ways to not ever let that happen to them. The answer was to form a new way of loving — to be open and honest about other lovers.