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Before you vote, check out LGBT endorsements

There are at least eight openly gay candidates running for seats in the Georgia General Assembly — four incumbents and five hopefuls.

Only Georgia’s first openly gay state legislator, state Rep. Karla Drenner, is unopposed, guaranteeing that there will be one out gay voice under the Gold Dome when the new legislative session starts in January.

The General Assembly’s three other openly gay incumbents — state Reps. Simone Bell, Rashad Taylor and Keisha Waites — all face opposition in the Democratic primary.

Thanks to redistricting, Bell and Taylor’s races are particularly hard, as they face fellow Democratic incumbents who have been supportive of LGBT issues. The decision is so difficult between Taylor and state Rep. Pat Gardner, a longtime LGBT ally, that gay political group Georgia Equality chose to sit the race out, believing that both would be equally strong on LGBT rights.

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Georgia Equality pushes members to vote with automated robocall

The state's largest LGBT advocacy organization, Georgia Equality, has begun robocalling its LGBT supporters encouraging them to vote in the upcoming July 31 Georgia primary, the group said this week.

A robocall is a computerized autodialer that delivers a pre-recorded message, and is most commonly used in political campaigns.

“We're doing an aggressive get out the vote effort this year,” GE Executive Director Jeff Graham said this week. “On average less than 25 percent of registered voters vote in the primaries — yet a majority of legislative races are determined in the primaries because there is no challenger in the general election.”