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Gay politician (and YouTube sensation) headed to Atlanta to support documentary on LGBT elected officials

Joel Burns

Fort Worth City Councilmember Joel Burns, who drew national media attention when his story of surviving bullying went viral, is headed to Atlanta later this month to support "Breaking Through," a project from local filmmaker Cindy Abel.

Burns will be on hand for a Sept. 27 fundraiser for the film, which tells the personal stories of openly gay elected officials around the country. Details of the event are TBA.

"Joel is coming because he knows 'Breaking Through' will bring hope: to teens who, like he once did, are wondering if life will have purpose and [if they should] commit suicide, and to adults, who conclude their career choices will be limited if they’re openly gay," Abel said in an email announcing the fundraiser.

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Gay reporter seeking to solve Atlanta mystery art project

I came into the office this morning and found a manilla envelope on my keyboard, addressed to me at the GA Voice office. My name and the address were handwritten. No return address.

Interesting, I wonder what this is all about, I thought. My co-workers wanted to make sure there was no anthrax in the envelope.

I opened the manilla envelope and inside there was a white envelope with one of those plastic windows and I could see $10 bill was inside. One the front of the envelope in the top left corner was written, "for you." On the back of the envelope was written, "follow your narrative urge!" followed by a "#45".