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Interview: Alpharetta student suing school over denied LGBT prom resolution speaks out

Reuben Lack is suing his high school over a denied LGBT prom resolution

Reuben Lack is not your ordinary high school senior. “He's not your popular kid. He's not a football player or a cheerleader. He's your policy kid,” Reuben's father, Nathaniel Lack says of his son.

“The only time he's ever been in trouble at school was because he was on his cellphone during class,” his father says. “He was checking Supreme Court rulings.”

Lack, 18, is the captain of the Alpharetta High School debate team and until Feb. 8, he was also the school's Student Body President. But after introducing an LGBT-friendly resolution during a student council meeting, Lack was told by school officials that he was being removed from his position for “pushing personal projects.” The resolution would make the school's prom more inclusive to gay and lesbian students.

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Project Prom helps teens who can’t afford the high school tradition

For The Kid In All Of Us hosts Project Prom

You can’t go to the prom without a great dress, and For the Kid in All of Us wants to make sure money doesn’t keep local teens from experiencing this high school tradition.

The annual rite of passage that is prom doesn’t come cheap. The dress, the tuxedo, tickets, flowers, plus dinner at a nice restaurant — it all adds up. The new Project Prom fundraiser aims to help teens make their prom dreams happen, says Christopher Bess, president of For the Kid in All of Us.

“We’ve always sort of focused on big events for kids,” Bess said. “When we thought about adding events we didn’t want to add an event just to add another. We wanted to focus on a meaningful event that could help out older children.”