Atlanta’s queer ‘Magick Cool Bus’ drives to be a revolution on wheels

A struggling queer activist in Atlanta who wants to attend a transgender conference in Philadelphia might not ever get the chance to go because of lack of funds or companionship or, quite simply, a ride.

But Lucian Vale, aka Mx. Drizzle, a trans and genderqueer activist and artist in Atlanta, hopes to change that with the Magick Cool Bus, an idea that puts LGBTQ people in the driver's seat and gives them the resources to roll out a new revolution — a "mobile queer community."

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Out In Music: the best in LGBT sounds

One of the best albums by a queer artist in 2013 (if not the best), “Pale Green Ghosts” (Partisan/Bella Union) by John Grant hits all the right notes. Grant succeeds whether dabbling in invigorating queer elect...

Not to be missed: reviews for Out on Film

('Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf' screens Monday, Oct. 7, at 7 p.m.)

Atlanta’s annual Out On Film festival begins with a 15-year-old being murdered for being out at school (in “Valentine Road”) and ends with a man being erased from his late partner’s life by a homophobic family (in “Bridegroom”).

If they’re smart, the concession stand at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinemas will stock up on Kleenex during Atlanta’s 26th annual festival of LGBT cinema. But there are plenty of laughs between the tearjerkers, as well as suspense, beauty, empowerment, information, nostalgia and even sex; plus a whole lot of reasons to be proud of the talent and creativity in our community.

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Charis hosts ‘queer community conversation’ on March on Washington

A free and open to the public event tonight at Charis Books & More in Little Five Points will discuss the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington from a queer perspective.

The discussion takes place from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Charis is located at 1189 Euclid Ave., Atlanta, GA 30307. The forum is titled, "Queer Community Conversation on the Legacy of the March on Washington."

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A field guide to Atlanta’s drag scene


Drag queens may bend gender, but they have broken this traveler's understanding of ecosystems, achieving a feat unduplicated anywhere else in nature.

Neither during my summers in the Galapagos Islands nor my expeditions to the Great Barrier Reef have I observed a population that is so rare and simultaneously abundant, so small yet powerful, as the Drag Genus is in the Queer Kingdom.

These colorful creatures compose the tiniest fraction of the Queer Kingdom – or, to use the vernacular phrase, the LGBT community – and yet their presence dominates. They rule the kingdom's nightlife. They once monopolized media images of herding rituals known as Pride parades. They are the stereotype, with a good many of those outside the Queer Kingdom mistakenly thinking that all within the LGBT community are drag queens.

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And now a petition opposing proposed legislation targeting Cheshire Bridge Road sex clubs

The new grassroots group QUEER UP! Atlanta is going toe-to-toe with supporters of proposed ordinances to rub out adult businesses on Cheshire Bridge Road with a petition of their own.

The group's petition is named, "Alex Wan & NPU-F's zoning proposal.: Atlanta City Council Members: Vote NO on Cheshire Bridge changes!" and is a direct response to a petition started Monday by those living in the neighborhoods surrounding the popular thoroughfare.

The group is also asking people to show up at the city's Zoning Committee meeting on May 29.

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UPDATE: MondoHomo a no-go for 2013 and forever

MondoHomo will not return Memorial Day weekend

MondoHomo, Atlanta's Memorial Day Weekend queer arts festival, is canceled, according to event co-founder Kiki Carr. The decision came earlier this year when organizers felt it was time to move on.

"I think it will reinvent itself," Carr said today about the future of the festival.

"Basically the core group of folks that started it are tired and want to move on other projects," she continued. "We've been slowly coming to that conclusion for a while, but probably came to an agreement in the last two months."

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New Year’s stabbing suspect released on $35,000 bond

Luke O'Donovan, 19, charged in the stabbing of several people at a New Year's party, is set to be released today or tomorrow on a $35,000 bond. 

The bond was set today in Fulton Magistrate Court. O'Donovan did not appear in the courtroom but some 25 of his family and friends gathered at the courthouse to show support. When they learned of his release from O'Donovan's attorney Greg Schwarz, they cheered in the hallway outside the courtroom.

His friends, who started a website and fundraising campaign, say O'Donovan was a victim of a "queerbashing.”