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Speaking Out: Readers react to gay men attacked in St. Lucia

Despite attack on gay men, St. Lucia not homophobic

Re: “Gay Atlanta men attacked in St. Lucia hate crime” (March 6 and March 18)

As a St Lucian I know that anti-gay bias is not the sentiment of the whole island. Most people on the island are grew up in the Catholic Church and we all know about anti-gay preaching all over the world. It is not the teachings of “Black preachers” as someone mentioned... I grew up in a church lead by white American/Canadian priests. The attack was based on the ignorance of a few men. I am very sorry about what happened to the men because no one should have to go through an attack like that while on vacation. That is not the St Lucia I remember, it truly is paradise. Just want everyone reading this to know that the men who attacked the tourists were ignorant and do not represent the entire population.

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Readers share stories of their outstanding moms

Quiet support from an exceptional mom (plus the real reason Obama was elected)

By Maggie López

Growing up, I didn’t think my mother was special, just different. Mom was older than my friends’ mothers; she had me at 40. She didn’t speak English, having arrived in the U.S. as an exile fresh from Castro’s Cuba in her forties, too busy with young children and a struggling husband to learn the language.