RNC Day 3: LGBT inclusion undercut by Pence’s arrival

CLEVELAND — The third night of the Republican National Convention featured unprecedented LGBT inclusion from speakers on stage, but that embrace was undercut by the arrival of vice presidential nominee Mike Pen...
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GOP leader Ken Mehlman comes out to mixed reactions

The coming out of former Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman — who led the GOP at a time when the party was backing the Federal Marriage Amendment and marriage amendments in states throughout the country — is inspiring mixed reactions among LGBT advocates as some criticize him for his past actions and others welcome his new public support.

Mehlman’s announcement about his sexual orientation officially became public in an interview published Aug. 25 by the Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder. According to the article, Mehlman told family and associates he’s gay and came to this conclusion fairly recently.

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By the numbers

50 - Percent of Americans who would support an openly gay president 70 - Minimum age at which most LGBT Baby Boomers expect to retire $1,946.25 - Amount the Republican National Committee reimbursed a consultant...