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New Ga. Democratic Party chair says he now supports gay marriage

DuBose Porter, former Speaker of the House of the Georgia General Assembly, was elected to lead the Democratic Party of Georgia on Aug. 31. And he says he has evolved on marriage equality and is putting his anti-gay past — including in 2004 voting twice in favor to support the state's constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage — behind him.

After the GA Voice asked today about his position on marriage equality, Porter issued this statement late today:

"My opinion on marriage equality has evolved like most everyone else’s in the country. People need the right to marry who they love. Period," he said.

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Are you listening, Democrats? This gay voter says ‘never again’

To the editors:

I voted for Roy Barnes for governor holding my nose. Literally. I walked in to the booth knowing Barnes was posing as a Democrat who: 1) Did not stand with the president when the president visited Georgia; 2) Promised to work to repeal healthcare reform; 3) Stood opposed to marriage equality.

I voted for Mr. Barnes simply for the reason that I believed he would not be as bad as Nathan Deal.

Never again. I shall never cast a vote for someone who does not see me as equal and deserving of all the rights and protections given me as a birthright. Never again.

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Midterm election review

Nathan Deal leads GOP charge in midterm elections while gay-friendly candidates face strong challenges

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Ga. election preview

The GA Voice takes an in-depth look at the midterm elections, from local to state and national-level races

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Election: A look at candidates running for office

We take a look at where candidates stand on LGBT issues, including marriage, employment non-discrimination and hate crimes. Profiled are candidates running for Georgia Governor, one of Georgia's two U.S. Senate seats and candidates for Lieutenant Governor.

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Why I voted for Monds, and why you should, too

It’s hardly a secret that I have liberal tendencies. That’s why I was so disappointed when I went to my local polling place to vote in the midterm elections this week.

The phrase “lesser of two evils” comes up a lot during elections, especially local and state-level elections here in Georgia.

I’m tired of choosing between bad and worse.