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[Video] Chick-fil-A parody the funniest thing you’ll watch all day


In what has to be the single greatest parody of Wilson Philip's “Hold On” ever made, “Chow Down (At Chick-fil-A)" takes direct aim at the Atlanta-based restaurant chain over the company's anti-gay views.

Chick-fil-A has come under fire for its political donations to anti-gay organizations in the last several years.

The video stars RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Willam Belli alongside Detox, and Vicky Vox and attempts to answer an important question: how can gay folks justify eating such delicious food from the Bible-thumping fast food chain?

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Starlight Cabaret ends Pride on ‘uplifting’ note

Atlanta Pride's Starlight Cabaret

As a semi-retired member of the drag troupe the Armorettes, Tony Kearney doesn’t don his heels and wigs as frequently as he used to. However, there’s a magic to the Starlight Cabaret that closes Atlanta Pride that makes him rush to his closet to unleash his drag alter ego, Wild Cherry Sucret.

“It’s just, when you look out and there’s a sea of people, and they’re every race, and color, and age,” Kearney said of the Starlight Cabaret, which takes place at 7:05 p.m. on the Coca-Cola stage Oct. 9. “There’s a lot of different kids that come to it who never get to see Atlanta’s drag shows.

“Atlanta used to be like the hub of drag in the country, and it’s kind of different now without the big bars and the big stages,” Kearney added. “It’s an opportunity for a lot of people to shine, and a lot of people come out who normally wouldn’t see them perform.”

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Rupaul’s Drag U prof Jujubee to perform at official Atlanta Pride kickoff party

DJ Corey Craig

Just as Atlanta Pride’s Stonewall Week is set to begin this weekend, the Pride Committee announces that the official kick off party for Atlanta Pride in October will once again be held at the Georgia Aquarium.

The party is set for Friday, Oct. 7, and includes entertainment from renowned DJ Corey Craig and Jujubee, who came to fame as the quirky and fierce finalist of Season 2 of Rupaul’s Drag Race as well as a professor on Rupaul’s Drag U. Also spinning at the party will be local favorite DJay McCracken.

The party kicks off the largest Pride fest in the Southeast held Oct. 8-9 in Piedmont Park to coincide with National Coming Out Day.

“Georgia Aquarium is thrilled to host the annual Official Kickoff Party for Atlanta Pride again in 2011,” said Will Ramsey, vice president of Group Sales, in a statement.

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End of ‘Dragnique’ is beginning for host and creator Eve Michaels

Drag personality Eve Michaels

In a vote separated by only three ballots, Janelle Brooks was named the winner of Jungle's first “Dragnique” drag competition on Friday. Brooks, an energetic dancing diva, beat out Gunza Blazin, a member of the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

The seven-week contest where drag newbies performed their way through weekly challenges for audience approval has ended, but the event marks the beginning of so much more for the contest's creator and host, Eve Michaels.

“If you would have said that I would be doing this a year ago, I would have never believed you,” Michaels said. “I never would have thought at my age I'd be throwing on platform boots and wigs and performing on stage.”

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‘Dragnique’ finale on Friday to crown Atlanta’s next drag diva

Dragnique ends Friday night with the crowning of Atlanta's next drag superstar, and I'm kind of bummed to see the end of a fun weekend tradition.

Some combination of my friends and I have made it out each Friday for the past six weeks to see the competition at Jungle, and from the very beginning it was clear that Draqnique was to be a unique offering to Atlanta's already diverse drag scene.

I've seen a lot of drag since I moved to Atlanta almost six years ago. I dated a former drag queen and during our time together, it often felt like we went from drag bar to drag bar to see what amounted to a lot of the same thing over and over again. While I believe it takes talent to transform oneself from male to believably female, my patience for lip-syncing songs with mediocre stage presence is fleeting.