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Gay and 21: A field guide to hatchlings

GA Voice intern Sage NenyueI do not claim to be a doctor; just an observer of phenomenon in the natural world — a cultural researcher. Of my findings, I discovered a state of being that I call “21ism.” It refers to the disease that many youth succumb to upon obtaining “legal” status.

With bars being central to mainstream gay social life, 21ism is easily detectable by doctors and survivors of the age-based plague — which can last from one month, curing itself after a spell of experience, to 10 or 20 years in the less mature. It is highly contagious among 21 year olds, with frequent peaks in 20 year olds, less so in 23-25 year olds.

The following is a list of symptoms to keep on the lookout for:

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‘Wicked,’ youth and pop culture, and life online: Introducing GA Voice intern Sage Nenyue

GA Voice intern Sage NenyueWhat’s gay, moves progressively forward at the speed of light, and is sometimes a little bit crazy? If your answer is “a pride parade,” you’d only be partially correct, but I suppose I can be that also.

My name is Sage, and I’ve been in Atlanta for eight years now. I like reading, writing, and a great Saturday night for me is watching History International channel. You would think that after spending all of my teenage and young adult years writing in the “about me” section of every social networking site from MySpace to Facebook and now GooglePlus (that’s right—Google me, baby!) that introducing one’s self online would be easier. Or, at least, that you would have a solid handle on how others would perceive you based on your words.