5 LGBT things to know today, Sep. 8

1. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is supporting defiant KY clerk Kim Davis by sparring with former SF Gov. Gavin Newsome. In a fiery exchange with Huckabee over Twitter, Newsom rejected...
Simon Williamson, columnist with Georgia Voice

Simon Williamson: Ticking every macho box

I typically love it when sports stars come out, because it shatters the myth that gay men are anything stereotypical and that, in fact, we are a many varied beast. Along with being talented in many arenas hi...

Tenderloin’s LGBT story survives

Editor’s Note: October is LGBT History Month and the GA Voice is participating in a history project sponsored by the Philadelphia Gay News. By Seth Hemmelgarn Bay Area ReporterSan Francisco's...
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‘Super’ gay controversy ahead of the weekend’s big game

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49er cornerback Chris Culliver found himself in a world of controversy ahead of this weekend's Super Bowl after saying that he would not embrace an openly gay teammate.

Culliver said earlier this week in a radio interview that he wasn't down with that “sweet stuff” when asked about the possibility of having of gay teammate.

The 49ers quickly released an apology on behalf of Culliver and, according to ESPN, Culliver himself apologized to reporters yesterday.

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NFL’s 49ers release ‘It Gets Better’ video

49ers It Gets Better

The San Francisco 49ers have released the first-ever “It Gets Better” video by a NFL team over the weekend. A handful of the team's players are featured, including defensive tackles Ricky Jean Francois and Isaac Sopoaga and safety Donte Whitner.

The video was the response to a petition started by San Francisco-native Sean Chapin.

Chapin also started a successful petition calling on Major League Baseball's Giants to release their own “It Gets Better” video in 2011.

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Topher Payne: The delicate matter of knowing you’re not the breadwinner

Playwright and writer Topher Payne

This morning I got the confirmation email for my flight to San Francisco next month. It’ll be our first real vacation since we got married three years ago. My first reaction was excitement, because I wasn’t expecting my husband to buy the tickets, so it was a nice surprise.

This was immediately followed by the anxiety of seeing the price tag. It’s not my money — I won’t be paying for my ticket, or the hotel, or really much of anything — but I’m able to exist in a fairly pleasant fog of denial about how much Preppy covers financially, and moments like this force the fog to clear in a manner I’d just as soon avoid.

The two subjects people most commonly avoid in relationships are sex and money, usually why there isn’t enough of either. This statistic was provided by The Official Institute of Things I Made Up About Relationships.

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Margaret Cho on what gay men love more than the Lord

The San Francisco Bay Times has a great rundown of Margaret Cho's "Cho Dependent" concert film that was screened at the prestigious Frameline film fest on June 19.

Cho received the Frameline Award this year for her many contributions to LGBT film, including her appearances in such gay films as "Bam Bam and Celeste," "Rick and Steve, the Happiest Gay Couple in All the World" as well as "Cho Dependent."

Cho was not able to get to San Francisco to accept the award because she is in Atlanta filming the hit Lifetime TV series, "Drop Dead Diva".

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San Francisco Giants players say ‘It Gets Better’ for LGBT youth

The San Francisco Giants record a video for the 'It Gets Better' project

Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants have put together the first video from a professional sports team for the “It Gets Better” project. Released today, the video features the team's Barry Zito, Matt Cain, Sergio Romo and Andres Torres acknowledging the struggle many LGBT youth face because of their sexuality.

The video went up earlier this afternoon, but already has several hundred views and dozens of comments.

“It Gets Better” aims to offer hope to LGBT youth who often feel isolated and alone in coming to terms with their sexuality. Formed by radio personality and author Dan Savage, the project has compiled thousands of videos featuring celebrities, politicians and every day people who understand the personal struggle in the wake of a series of high-profile LGBT youth suicides.

The Giants' video will encourage Sam Maden, a 12-year-old Boston Red Sox fan who is asking people to sign a petition to encourage his team to also make an "It Gets Better" video for the campaign.

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Braves coach Roger McDowell to talk publicly about anti-gay incident

Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell

Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell is expected to speak out today about the recent incident where he allegedly shouted anti-gay slurs at San Francisco Giants fans and threatened a father.

A press conference was slated for 2 p.m. today at Turner Stadium. McDowell returns to the team today as the Braves take on the Philadelphia Phillies after a two-week suspension from Major League Baseball. McDowell was suspended after he was accused of shouting, “Are you a homo couple or a threesome?” at Giants fans on April 23. McDowell also allegedly used a baseball bat to simulate a sex act.

When a father, Justin Quinn, asked McDowell to watch his language in front of children, McDowell allegedly patted a baseball bat in his palm and asked, “How much are your teeth worth?”

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McDowell controversy reminiscent of past Atlanta Braves anti-gay fouls

Former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz once compared homosexuality to beastialityThe news of Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell being put on administrative leave over alleged anti-gay slurs hurled at San Francisco Giants fans last weekend is just one of several incidents the team has had to answer for with LGBT fans.

McDowell was put on administrative leave today after allegedly shouting at several San Francisco Giants fans, "Are you a homo couple or a threesome?" and then imitating a sex act with a baseball bat. The coach also allegedly threatened the father of twin daughters who said he witnessed the incident and asked the coach to watch his language in front of children.

In 1999, former Braves relief pitcher John Rocker was quoted in a 1999 Sports Illustrated profile of him saying why he would never play in New York.