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HGTV looking for ‘All American Handyman’ or woman

Scott McGillivrayHGTV will be in Atlanta this week casting for the third season of its show, “All American Handyman.” The show, a reality competition hosted by HGTV's Mike Holmes and Scott McGillivray, features a $20,000 grand prize.

“All American Handyman” pits handymen and women against one another through a series of challenges to determine the competition's overall winner. Think “Top Chef” but with tools.

Challenges in the show's first season included using plans to construct a toolbox, building a staircase and building a garden shed.

Casting for the show is Sunday, Jan. 15, from 10 a.m. to noon at the W Midtown hotel. Entrants are asked to fill out an application, bring two personal photos, six photos of their work and a standard employment resume. You can download the application here.