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Survive the summer doldrums

GA Voice summer guide

The Fourth of July holiday weekend is over and Labor Day’s trips and parties remain a distant blur on the hazy horizon. Here are 50 ideas to get you through the hottest days in Hotlanta.


• “In My Father’s House” by E. Lynn Harris (St. Martin’s Griffin, due out 8/2/2011): The final novel from Harris, who died unexpectedly in 2009, was intended as the start of a series. Set in Miami’s South Beach, it features bisexual modeling agency owner Bentley Dean.

• “Sometimes She Lets Me: Best Butch/Femme Erotica” (Cleis Press) and “Teleny and Camille” by Jon Macy (Northwest Press): These collections won the 2011 Lambda Literary Awards for lesbian and gay erotica, respectively, and are sure to make hot nights even hotter. You may want to tuck them in a magazine for poolside reading, depending on company, since your friends might steal them and your parents might pass out.

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Religion blog: Christmas 2010

I want to share this obvious observation: Even if there were some remote chance I could become pope... they would never let me.  The reason is simple and it is not because of my progressive views of Christian theology, or the fact that I am unapologetically gay or even the fact that I do not believe the bible is the inerrant word of God.

Nope, it's because I believe December 25th is one of the biggest frauds ever pulled on humanity.

Those who are pastors know that what I am suggesting is very true. Y’all went to seminary and know saying Jesus was born on December 25th is like saying there is a real living breathing Santa Claus.  This fraudulent claim has made our jobs and life during this time of the year a living nightmare of endless days of no sleep and one crisis on top of another.