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And now a petition opposing proposed legislation targeting Cheshire Bridge Road sex clubs

The new grassroots group QUEER UP! Atlanta is going toe-to-toe with supporters of proposed ordinances to rub out adult businesses on Cheshire Bridge Road with a petition of their own.

The group's petition is named, "Alex Wan & NPU-F's zoning proposal.: Atlanta City Council Members: Vote NO on Cheshire Bridge changes!" and is a direct response to a petition started Monday by those living in the neighborhoods surrounding the popular thoroughfare.

The group is also asking people to show up at the city's Zoning Committee meeting on May 29.

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Petition pops up urging Atlanta City Council to outlaw sex shops on Cheshire Bridge Road


A petition popped up this week on urging the Atlanta City Council to banish adult businesses on Cheshire Bridge Road.

Posted to the popular website by a group calling itself "Concerned Atlanta Residents" and made up of people living in the area, the petition states, "Adult businesses are incompatible with residential neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods were here decades before the adult businesses started appearing on Cheshire Bridge through a series of zoning loopholes and poor decisions/enforcement by the City of Atlanta."