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Georgia Democrat state rep switches to GOP over gay marriage

State Rep. Rick CrawfordState Rep. Rick Crawford of Cedartown has decided to switch to the GOP over the issue of gay marriage.

Atlanta Unfiltered first reported that Crawford said if he wins reelection on November he will switch parties and become a Republican. Why? He doesn't believe in same-sex marriage.

From Atlanta Unfiltered:

Crawford, who had been pondering his party affiliation for a while, said Democrats’ endorsement of same-sex marriage pushed him over the edge. “I thought, ‘My time here is done,’” he said.

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Top 10 Ga. LGBT stories of 2011: Hope, heartache and headlines

Georgia LGBT stories of the year

2011 brought several milestones likely to impact LGBT Georgians for years to come. Some are worth celebrating, like Vandy Beth Glenn’s win over transgender discrimination in the Georgia General Assembly, and the first openly gay man to serve in the state legislature.

Others, like the state’s lackluster response to HIV and Shorter College’s anti-gay staff policy, made us shake our heads and wonder how long it will be before LGBT equality comes to the Deep South.

The year also proved pivotal for several well-known local LGBT organizations and businesses — including Outwrite Bookstore, Positive Impact, MEGA Family Project and the Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative — that announced major changes this year.

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Anti-gay Shorter University teacher and Ga. state rep joins ‘personhood’ movement

The "personhood" movement is coming to Georgia and is, no surprise, being led by a Georgia state lawmaker who is also anti-gay.

Jim Galloway of the AJC is reporting that there are plans for two state lawmakers to introduce a "personhood" resolution, part of a national movement that states life begins at fertilization.

And who would be one of the lawmakers wanting to introduce the legislation? Galloway points out that one sponsor is Democrat Rick Crawford of Cedartown. Just so happens Crawford, who took office in 2007, is also a political science teacher at Shorter University. Yes, that Shorter University that recently mandated its employees sign a "Personality Lifestyle Statement" which includes this gem: