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Put on your ‘Red Dress’ for Sisters’ glittery fundraiser benefiting Positive Impact


Oh, you will need a lot of red and a lot of glitter to stand out at this year's "The Devil Wears Red! Atlanta Red Dress Party" to benefit Positive Impact, a non-profit serving those with HIV/AIDS. 

On tap for the party taking place Saturday at Jungle Atlanta is host Chandler Bearden and flying in all the way from Portland, Ore., Sister Spinna DeVinyl, aka DJ Harmonix, to provide the beats. Doors open at 9 p.m. and tickets are $10.

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A field guide to Atlanta’s drag scene


Drag queens may bend gender, but they have broken this traveler's understanding of ecosystems, achieving a feat unduplicated anywhere else in nature.

Neither during my summers in the Galapagos Islands nor my expeditions to the Great Barrier Reef have I observed a population that is so rare and simultaneously abundant, so small yet powerful, as the Drag Genus is in the Queer Kingdom.

These colorful creatures compose the tiniest fraction of the Queer Kingdom – or, to use the vernacular phrase, the LGBT community – and yet their presence dominates. They rule the kingdom's nightlife. They once monopolized media images of herding rituals known as Pride parades. They are the stereotype, with a good many of those outside the Queer Kingdom mistakenly thinking that all within the LGBT community are drag queens.

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Team Friendly, Atlanta Sisters host ‘Kites, Kids & Just Because’ in Piedmont Park Sunday

Atlanta's Team Friendly and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will host a family-friendly outing to Piedmont Park on Sunday, April 21, from 1 - 4 p.m.

The event, called “Kites, Kids & Just Because,” is not specifically a fundraiser but an opportunity for an inclusive gathering, Randy Prophater, chair of Team Friendly, said today by phone.

“We decided, as opposed to having events, specifically eating or bar events, we wanted to do something inclusive,” Prophater said. “People can show up with their families and friends and have a fun day.”

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Your Sisters wish you a Happy New Year

The Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

As 2013 approaches, the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have a few wishes for LGBT Atlanta.

Selected as this year's GA Voice People of the Year for their non-stop charity work and their role in founding Lost-N-Found Youth, an organization that helps homeless LGBT youth, the Sisters are undoubtedly committed to community.

And their wishes for LGBT Atlanta are for all of us to make the same commitment to helping others and making the communities we live in a better place to be.

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[Video] Lost-n-Found shows plight of homeless youth

Placing hygiene kits at the base of tents at a homeless camp for teens, Rick Westbrook, executive director of Lost-n-Found Youth, attempts to show the seriousness of the plight of homeless youth, specifically LGBT youth.

The short video shot by Lost-n-Found Youth takes viewers on a short tour through a campsite where Westbrook says LGBT youth are living. And with cold weather on its way, he asks the community for financial support to help the young people get off the streets.

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Atlanta trans activist group donates canned goods to Saint Lost & Found


Transgender Individuals Living Their Truth (TILTT) held its first canned food drive this year and donated its proceeds to the newly established Saint Lost & Found group.

TILTT, co-founded by Atlanta transgender activist Cheryl Courtney-Evans, is a local group with the mission of providing resources and support to transgender people, including assistance in finding jobs and housing. She said she hopes the canned good drive will be an annual event to help other local nonprofits in need.